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Weaving and Leading with Love


While our country was shaken this year by pandemic, protests and politics, small acts of courage and care showed the path forward to repairing our nation’s frayed and torn social fabric. 2021 offers us an invitation to recommit ourselves to one another, to build on the commitments we made this year to care for friends and strangers alike, seeing the worth and dignity in all.

New York Times columnist David Brooks and the non-partisan Aspen Institute started Weave: The Social Fabric Project to help people across the country who are weaving our tattered social fabric by bringing their communities together, forming deep relationships, and serving each other across differences. Our vision is to create a nation brimming with deep, healthy connections to each other, where mutual trust and affection is our standard, equity is implicit, and people find joy in daily life.   

Join Weave’s Research Fellow, Hershawna Frison, as she shares how Weave is shining a light on Weavers across the country and building a network of support in communities. We plan to engage in meaningful reflection, asking you “What’s your call to action as it relates to weaving across our country?” “Are there small ways in which you show up for others and Lead with Love?”


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