Acknowledging Native Lands at Wy'east UU

Many public gatherings open with a reminder about the traditional Native inhabitants of the land where it is taking place, honoring them and their descendants. Occasionally our Sunday services have made explicit reference to our chosen name, Wy’east, as “the term the Multnomah native tribe, on whose land we sit, have historically used for the mountain we call Mt. Hood.” In this lay-led service falling the day before Indigenous People's Day, we will explore the practice of land acknowledgment and the history of this place and its peoples. We'll also consider how the church came to adopt this name, and what it means to us now and going forward. How might we approach being Wy'east UU with the respect and seriousness that is called for?  This service is led by Wy’east members.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019