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How Do You Reconcile a Lynching? A Story of Justice and Redemption - Taylor Stewart with the Oregon Remembrance Project


Taylor Stewart graduated from the University of Portland in 2018 with a degree in Communication and a Master’s in Social Work from Portland State University in 2021. Taylor started the Oregon Remembrance Project in 2018 to help communities unearth stories of injustice and engage in the necessary truth telling and repair required to reconcile instances of historical harm. His work connects historical racism to its present-day legacies in order to inspire contemporary racial justice action. In what started as simply a way to memorialize a man named Alonzo Tucker, the most widely documented African American victim of lynching in Oregon, Taylor has grown to see the power of reconciliation to rectify further instances of historical injustice. “How do you reconcile a lynching?” applies the three r’s of reconciliation -- remembrance, repair, and redemption -- to the lynching of Alonzo Tucker. After working with the community of Coos Bay, OR on remembrance, Taylor invites his audience to join him in repair to help bring a semblance of redemptive justice to the lynching of Alonzo Tucker.

Multi-Platform Worship Sunday at 10:30:

This service will be offered as both a virtual and an in-person service.

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