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Wy’east UUC Board Meeting August 01, 2022

Wy’east UUC Board meeting August 1,2022 7:00pm via zoom

Attendance: Lana Q moderator, Ruth J vice moderator, Linda B secretary, Barbara D at Large

Ron T membership, Hank Hadaway ministerial search committee

July Board minutes reviewed and approved with correction of Alan Graham’s name

Standard Reports: See attached to agenda

No RE report

Treasurer’s Report for June 2022. Budget is on track. 

Pay raise for Kate and Jolanda: Tabled until next month 

General Assembly Report: Linda Mac is planning to schedule services and/ or discussion groups to discuss  

1.The direction of UUA and how that affects Wy’east UUC 

2 Determine the future connection to UUA with the concern of top-down decisions from UUA

Board Retreat: Saturday September 10th or 17th from noon until 5:00 pm at Lana and Mathias’s home. To be decided at the next board meeting.

Exit interviews: The board agreed to meet with Rev. Summer Albayati, Congressional life staff member of the Pacific Western Region., as a group. August 22 or 29th at 7 pm via zoom and a request for the list of exit questions given to us ahead of the meeting. Lana will contact her.

Retirement party: Membership Committee have the plans in place for Sunday August 7th at 12:30pm at Laurelhurst Park. 

Pastoral Care:

Temporarily we will ask Barbara Stevens to officiate at rites of passage and possible individual crisis as determined by the Cares and Concerns committee. 

Ruth will obtain information on the First Church UU’s training program offered for Lay ministers.

Ruth will contact Anders, Linda Mac concerning the status of the minister email and password. Lana suggested an auto reply directing the caller to the Cares and concerns email.    

Membership Committee will discuss the role of the care and concerns committee with out a minister. 

Wages and required tasks of Rev. B Stevens are tabled until September 5th board meeting. A contract will be offered beginning later in September until a minister is hired. 

Diane I and Linda B plan to reinstate the phone/email connection with members and friends. 

Ministerial Search Committee Report:

Hank reported communication with East Rose and possible coordination with a minister

He has contacted two more ministers. But has not received a response. 

Lana plans to contact Rev Leslie Becknell-Marx per her request to speak with someone from Wy east UUC

Craig talked with his friend, Dr. Eric Elenes about the ¼ position. 

Return to In Person Services Planning: Tabled until next board meeting.

Next Board meeting: September 5, 2022 at 7:00 Pm via Zoom. 

Respectfully Submitted

Linda Burk, Secretary