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Wy'east UUC Board Meeting December 05, 2022

Wy'east Community Board Meeting Minutes Dec. 5, 2022.  7 – 8:30 pm.

Next meeting date:  Jan. 3, 2023


Notes taken by Diane A



Board members; Lana Aburto Quackenbush, Barbara Dow, Diane Arnold, Ruth Jenkins


Member attendee: Ron Thurston


Membership report

New person at in-person, Ron, made a donation.

Gift for new minister:  Flowers were discussed as an appropriate welcoming gift with a card.

Ron will cancel 12/18 membership committee meeting and 12/15 membership class.

Board will help with providing both veggie and treat type snack for new minister gathering.


Treasurer's report

  • sent by D'On.


Committee reports: 


  •  Sent by email

Treasurer duties – tasks to be broken up from Ari's write-up of tasks 

  • Finance Committee: has sent a request to congregation for members, Debra and Kate have responded as willing to join.


Ministers: all documents for hiring are completed.  The search committee will each receive a Thank You card.  Board members will present to each of five, Bruce MacPhearson, Anne Wagner, Ron Thurston, Jeff Showell, Hank


Board will members will sign the cards, Diane A. will bring card  to Board members to sign and present on 12/18 to search committee.


Shared ministry:  Rev. Stevens would like to discuss this with Rev. Marxs about how this would work. 

Lana will contact them after 12/18 about how the communication will occur.


Request for board discretionary funds

Board approved spending board discretionary funds of $300 for a member family in need.


Tech person position:  pay rate, what is the duration of the position?  Issues may include the impact on children. 

Ruth will ask about both the check for the family and pay for in-person tech support. Ruth will coordinate with Diane A. by Friday 12/9 regarding check signing and delivery to Diane Ingle on Sunday, 12/11.


OBarbra Dow has documents and other mail that she is not sure who to give to .vs  specific technical financial and banking documents that go to the Finance committee, such as insurance, etc.