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Wy'east UUC Board Meeting January 03, 2023

Wy'east Community Board Meeting Minutes Jan. 3, 2023.  7 – 8:30 pm.

Next meeting date: Feb. 6, 2023

Notes taken by Diane Arnold



Board members; Ron Thurston, Lana Quackenbush, Ruth Jenkins, Barbara Dow, Diane Arnold

Other attendees:  Rev. Leslie Becknell Marx


Dec. 5, 2022 minutes approved. 


Committee reports  

  • Social justice (see email): They are moving forward to the new focus on Rahab Sisters from Girls Scouts Behind Bars.  They are closing out our partnership with the Q Center. they are looking for speakers for services for the next year to speak on democracy.  Board members are asked to keep an eye out for possible speakers on the topic. The Social Justice committee will work with the Worship committee on showing the recorded video from Rahab Sisters at some point this year.   
  • Treasurers Report: D'On needs more receipts for December to complete the report.
  • Worship committee (see email):  


Request for assistance for finance committee and help for treasurer: Lana will reach out to D'on regarding recent volunteers from the congregation offering to help the Finance committee. Three responded, Debra Thompson, Paul Henerlau, and Kate Fricke. Lana will check with D'On and Linda Burk.

Rose City Park Presbyterian space: January lease was renewed.  They wanted to know if we are still using it. They may change some of the language. They also would like to meet the new minister and show the minister space.  Leslie will need to get a key and security information.  Lana asked Kate to contact Leslie. Our past agreement gave us access to other classroom spaces, library without charge.  

Lana will forward Kate at Rose City Park Presbyterian information to Rev. Leslie about contacting her regarding access, keys, etc. Ron also has a key and security information at Rose City Presbyterian Leslie anticipates adult religious classes and other activities.   The space will be a good place for Leslie possibly having office hours there.  Would it be a good place to meet with GiGi regarding handling mail? The Board, Chalice circle used it before the pandemic, also the book group.  Zoom capabilities will be discussed further.

Multiplatform worship: Lana is handing off Worship Associate Coordinator tasks to GiGi.  Anne Wagner is also moving off of the group also.  We have enough for the next several services.  The committee has worked out a budget for remaining speaker spot fees of $1050.

Barbara suggested having two in-person only services, and two Zoom only services.

Potluck: The committee discussed whether to resume potlucks at the service that Rev. Marx's sermon occurs. Monthly potluck to start in March then in April as a test to see what attendance after the service would be, then reevaluate for May based on attendance and volunteer involvement.   We will request volunteers in the newsletter by Ruth, hold meeting only if enough interested volunteers to sign up in advance and show up.  Ruth will put it in newsletter that volunteers are requested: four are needed, two in kitchen especially for clean up, and two in main room and table set up and breakdown. 

Ron will check on air ventilation system/purification at the senior center and let attendees know for safety assurances.  We will follow county guidelines and center requirements. 

Tech Job is still under development/discussion, no decisions have been made.

Fifth Sunday Service Project coordinator:  We are looking for a volunteer coordinator. Lynette Yetter, Anne Wagner, Larry Burt have expressed interested in either being a coordinator and/ or specific projects.

Start up and a Garden Story about transitions and changes and the future of Wy'East

Topics of importance to Wy'East:  new minister, Covid/health issues, changes in staffing, coming out of pandemic, and what is possible and desirable in this new year for the congregation.

Possibilities include possible meeting or series of meetings about what's important now.

What would/could be a focus:  example 2-3 hour event with interactive, fun exercises, about what is important,  overview of existing work by committees, missions and goals.  Look for informative, energizing, how do we start, how to engage congregation, and their various levels of involvement in such an activity and future Wy'East intentions, events/services, membership


Rev. Marx will contact Linda M. work with worship committee, then contact Diane A. and Ruth about an overview type visioning event/start up with Rev. about possibilities at Wy'East in an interactive workshop event, regarding strategies, coping with change and reconciliation with disappointing outcomes, mourning what was and hopes for what the future can be. 


Rev. Marx will accept follow-up up with board about possible topics about deep listening, UU beliefs, theology, and values, the meaning of our convenant, UU issues  and how that can be part of future worship services.


Contacting protocols for Wy'East so far has been directly through email on organizing discussions about a start up with Leslie and interactive workshop event.  


Future topics: Leslie would like to discuss the processes and issues with Article II UUA  process and changes there.  UUA is drafting Values and Convenants (instead of Principles), and Sources impacting  UU.  This will be part of Leslie's sermon in January.


Note for future reference: Debra Thompson updates the web calendar for programmed events once decided.