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Wy'east UUC Board Meeting July 05, 2022

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting. July 5,2022 via Zoom

Attendance: Lana Q, Moderator; Ruth J, Vice Moderator; Diane A, Treasurer; Linda B, Secretary; Barbara D, At-Large Member; Ron T, Membership Chair; Linda M, Worship Committee Chair

May 2022 and June 2022 Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and approved

Standard Reports:

Membership: See attached to agenda

Minister: no report. Lana noted that Craig is employed until August 31, 2022. He will continue his WEB presence and receive emails concerning Wy’ east UUC. Considered a supportive friend after this time.  Lana will notify Rev. Summer Albayati, Congregational Life staff member Pacific Western Region, with the board members’ desires to meet with her (either together or individually) to discuss the appropriate role of a retired minister in our congregation. 

Worship Committee: Linda Mac reported that the committee has services planned for 3 months out with exception of Labor Day.  The assumption is to continue having multiplatform services 1st and 3rd Sundays and virtual service 2nd,4th, and 5th Sundays. The goal is to schedule 2 UU ministers per month. These will be virtual services and give us the opportunity to draw from a larger geographical area.  3 Sundays are scheduled to visit other UU congregations (East Rose and Mid-Columbia UUC) The committee is soliciting feedback from the members concerning the form of worship services and the content. 

RSVP form: Lana will look at the form and work with Linda Mac and Anders to simplify the RSVP form. Linda Mac will add Lana as a collaborator.

Finance Committee: A meeting with Diane A, D’On V, Hank H, Linda B will be scheduled later in July to discuss the tasks that each person is doing. 

NO other reports were received. Lana will remind the committees to submit reports the Wednesday prior to the board meeting. 

Interim Minister: Lana will send Rev. Barbara Steven’s contact information to Linda B. Linda will follow up with Rev. Stevens 

GA reports: The July 31st service is scheduled for reports from Kath A, and Wy’east delegates Alana G, and Mariah S. and if possible, Yolanda. Linda Mac plans to meet with the board members on Friday July 11th at 11 am via zoom to discuss her thoughts on GA. 

QR code for donations, pledges. Linda Mac stated that it will be easy to produce a graphic of the QR code. This can be available on the welcome table and during the virtual services. Linda will discuss this with Gigi, administrator. 

Pay Raises for Jolanda, tech support and Re coordinator, Kate F: UUA salary recommendations is a base of 5.6% base increase. Linda Mac recommended a 10% increase to cover inflation. Diane A will look at the budget to see if this is feasible. 

Search Committee: Gigi L’s employment forms are complete. She will receive her first pay check this month.  The paper forms from the background check will be kept at the Rose City Presbyterian Church in our office space. Linda Mac is training Gigi to do service announcements, month of Sunday services, slide deck services. Linda Mac and Gigi have created a time sheet to track time and what she is working on. This is to be submitted to Linda Mac, Ruth J, and Diane A. 

Business Google Workspace: It is a high priority goal to coordinate all the Wy’east Google docs into one place. Gigi will work on this and train the involved committees and board members.

By-Law revisions: Linda B completed the revisions to the bylaws including Finance committee as a standard committee and revisions to the Endowment Committee. It was noted that the at-large position is not included under the board members. Board approved including this. Linda B will update. Lana plans to forward a copy to the 2022-23 Board google doc folder.

Retirement party for Craig. Ron has reserved a picnic area at Laurelhurst Park from 12:30-3:00pm on August 3rd.Membership will discuss details at the next membership meeting. General opinion is to bring our own lunch but provide cupcakes (including some gluten free) and drinks to celebrate. It was decided that the whole board will present the gifts to Craig at 1:00pm. Cost can be covered by the coffee fund or board.  discretionary fund.

Board Retreat Plan: tabled until August meeting. 

Next Board meeting: August 1,2022 at 7:00 pm via zoom.