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Wy'east UUC Board Meeting November 07, 2022

Wy'east Community Board Meeting Minutes Nov. 7, 2022.  7 – 8:30 pm.

Next board meeting:  December 5, 2022  7:00 PM


Notes taken by Diane Arnold



Board members; Lana Quackenbush, Barbara Dow, Diane Arnold, Ruth Jenkins


Member attendee:  D'On Voelke, Ron Thurston.


Membership report

3 new in person at service

1 on line.

Ron got contact info for all.


Treasurer's report

  • The church is running a surplus for the months of Aug – October 2022.. 
  • Barbara D. has additional 6 checks to deposit.
  • Kathryn Hardin D'on will contact her family about an auto check that may have been sent in error.


Committee reports: Lana will reach out to other committees' members to send reports.



  • Ballots re: vote on minister. Chandra/D'on/Diane I. are working on questions for a zoom ballot and another method for attendees to vote online or in person at the Nov. 20 service when the candidate will give a sermon.
  • Vote on the theme of this year's social justice to take place.  The 
  • Rahabs Sisters sustained partnership.  By-laws have requirement for 10 days notice before voting to official membership list.   Laura will contact Hank to use Church DB.
  • Treasurer duties – tasks to be broken up from Ari's write-up of tasks vs those of the finance committee:   
    • Some of the duties to resolve:
  • Payroll in OnPay:  D'on and Linda B. still have authority, and someone on the is needed board to do some. Barabara D. will work with D'On.
  • D'on does Quicken, and information from Quicken needs to be transfered to the Treasurer's report besides D'on. 
    •  Note:  by-laws indicate the person can be a member and may not need to be a board member.  Lana will talk to previous treasurers including Karl.  
  • Square deposits:  D'On is doing it, will ask Hank to do, and GiGi could do it.  Board members have to write and sign checks. 
  • Special collections: Gigi is now changing the information on the webpage for special collections.
  • Barbara Dow is now picking up checks and mail.  D'On will work with Barbara D. on time sensitive documents, bills.  Barbara will open everything.  
  • Office email is being forwarded by Gigi by Barbara.  It needs to be done by a board member to locate important mail.
  • Fielding requests and issues received in mail and email:  reimbursements should be sent to the treasurer, after review by D'On.  
  • End of year payroll documents: 1099 will need to be completed.
  • New minister payment: the set up process will be the same as Craig's.  
  • Finance Committee: it will be a helpful to D'On if various tasks, such as deposits, are done by a non-board member.  
  • Lana will work on job description to send to ask membership for help with treasurer's duty.


Zoom for services:   local Zoom expert to run the meetings.

Job descriptions are needed, and should include what is done online and in the senior center, but to be locally.  Lana will work with worship committee to discuss job search for person to do it locally.  Lana will tak with  Linda Mac want to talk to board about the job description.

  • There is a new person at the senior center who may be able to help with connecting to the modem vs using the wireless.


Consulting minister:  Barbara Stevens acceptance of her rates.  Fall back person when regular minister is unavailable.   Lara will respond to Linda B. that we have accepted Barbara Stevens rates.


Pay raise for Jolanda and Kate

  • Kate: we are spending less than budgeted.  Motion made and passed to raise salary effective Nov. 1.  from 21 to 23.65 per hour.
  • Jolanda: we are 10% under budget (540 vs 600).  Further discussion to occur regarding a gift vs. raise 


Ministerial search

The new minister is suggesting minimum of 6 sermons, and a calculation of vacation and study time of 4 weeks for both. The negotiating team will finalize these with the candidate this week and submit it to the board.


Previous decisions:

  • Masks are officially optional at Wy'east in-person services.  It is not yet part of service announcement.  The webpage will be updated.


Request for board discretionary funds

Board approved spending board discretionary funds of $150 for coats and warm clothes for a family. Further discussion will need to discuss with Finance committee.  Ruth will contact D'On about the process and how the check can be given while respecting the family's privacy.