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Wy’east UUC Board Meeting September 05, 2022

Wy’east UUC Board meeting September 5, 2022

Attendance: Lana Q, moderator, Ruth J, vice moderator, Diane A, treasurer, Linda B, Secretary, Barbara D, at large member. 

Ron T, Membership Chair, Hank H, Search Committee Chair

August meeting minutes:  Reviewed and Approved

Standard Reports:

Minister: no report

Worship Committee: Mathias Q plans to resign as of Dec. 31st.  Volunteers for this committee are needed.

Answer to questions by Worship Committee per Lana Q:

Is the board willing to sign off on the idea of adding a coffee hour after the in-person service? There are currently too few volunteers to take this on reliably. Since the CfPA is serving meals, it's the Boards proposal that we add slide and newsletter items seeking social hour volunteers, and in the meantime invite people to stay and chat and/or visit a nearby cafe or restaurant after service. 

A date at which we will be re-evaluating the need for continued virtual worship offerings - we are proposing that we make plans to continue at least through the end of the calendar year? We support continuing the current rotation of virtual and hybrid services through the end of the year, and negotiate any changes to the schedule with any incoming minister. The Board is in support of offering half virtual and half in person service as a new schedule should we need to make changes.
What additional equipment or training or assistance do our staff and volunteers need for continuing online-only worship?
There was interest in the idea of making 5th Sundays a Day of Service in lieu of a service. The Board is in support of a Sunday without a service and proposes seeking out volunteer opportunities for the congregation, and if none are available or compelling, using the 5th Sunday for potlucks or other community building activities. 


Proposal for Sustained Partnership with Rahab Sisters:  The board requests a list of expectations of Wy’east UUC members from a sustained partnership with the Rahab Sisters’ prior to approval. Barbara D will contact Kathy S. 

RE : no report

Membership: Ruth didn’t receive a response from First UU Church regarding the Lay minister training. Membership Committee does not wish to pursue the training at this time. 

Lana will contact Gigi to place an auto response on the minister@Wy’east email. Any inquiries are to be screened by Gigi and’ if needed, forwarded to the cares and concerns committee. An email for cares and concerns to be established and monitored by Ron T.

Interim Consultant minister: Linda will contact Rev.Barbara Stevens to offer a fee for service agreement for officiant services only until a new minister is hired. Membership Committee will continue to monitor the needs of the members via the quarterly (or more frequently as needed) phone/email connection established by Diane I. 

Treasurer’s Report: no report

Pay Raises for Jolanda and Kate: The board recommends a 10% increase retroactive from July 1,2022. Diane A will check the budget to determine if this is feasible. Board Retreat: September 10, 2022 at Lana’s home. 10:45am -4:00 pm.  Bring a brown bag lunch. Snacks and beverages to be provided. 

Ministerial Exit Interview: Summer A. plans to send a summary of our responses. The board will respond in a group email.

Ministerial Search Committee: Hank H stated that an interview with a candidate is September 12, 2022. The position is for contract minister  The level of board approval will be determined. If the Search Committee endorses this candidate and  supplies the selected candidates’s resume and a brief letter explaining the decision, a hiring date will be ASAP aiming for a November start date.

Tasks of the Board to include:1. National registry background check:( Linda B)

 2. Negotiate Salary and benefits: (Diane A. and Lana Q) 

3. Write Final Contract:( Linda B and Diane A)

 4. Final Approval by congregation: (Lana Q)

5.Welcoming Ceremony: Planned by Membership and Worship Committees

  If this candidate is endorsed, A letter will be sent to the congregation explaining the expected duties of a quarter time hired minister (Lana Q)

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday November 4, 2022 at 7:00pm via Zoom

Respectfully Submitted

Linda Burk, Secretary