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Marked By COVID: leveraging personal loss for the greater good


Kristin Urquiza of Marked by COVID

After losing her healthy 65-year old father to COVID, Kristin Urquiza, co-founded the grassroots group Marked By COVID which has since turned into a force in the fight to battle COVID. Powered by people who have personally been impacted by COVID, Marked By COVID is working to slow the spread, promote truth and science, and build the case for COVID justice. Kristin's work is fueled by the power of love for her father and fellow mankind and is a believer in the infinite power of turning pain into purpose. More can be read on her work at

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PS: Marked By COVID is a national, grassroots-powered nonprofit that promotes accountability, recognition, justice, and a pandemic-free future by elevating truth and science. Sign up now for updates and opportunities to take action.

UU Field Trip to Pasco Congregation


"Sankofa:  Looking Back/Looking Forward!  (A Journey of power and love!)"

Reggie Harris, songwriter, storyteller, lecturer

Using the music and lessons of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, Reggie Harris will address our current landscape of challenge and social change with songs and stories from the Living Legacy Project.  The Living Legacy Project (LLP) recognizes the importance of not only capturing the Civil Rights Movement story, and our Unitarian Universalist role in it, but of understanding what this story teaches us about the continued work that still needs to be done.  Reggie Harris is current Co-President and Music Education Director for the LLP.


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Reggie Harris has been a vital part of international folk and acoustic music circles for over 40 years. He is a songwriter, a storyteller, songleader, educator and a Kennedy Center teaching artist who travels the world presenting over 300 performances a year spreading hope and light through song to audiences of all ages.

A Co- President and the Music Education Director for the Living Legacy Project, Reggie helps to lead pilgrimages to sites of the Modern Civil Rights movement in the southern US. Reggie’s groundbreaking solo CDs “Ready To Go”(2018) and On Solid Ground 2021) along with his musical collaboration “Deeper Than the Skin (2020) with friend and fellow artist Greg Greenway has led to a growing movement of “courageous conversations” on race, faith and history across the nation.  He is as an artist who entertains, educates and builds community throughout the world.


An Indigenous Model of Restorative Practices -- A Way of Life, Not a Program


The roots, philosophy, and values of the Indigenous Model of Restorative Practices within the family, community, and organizations. This Sunday we’ll hear from Stephanie Autumn, who has been doing this work for 30 years, and is the Director of the Tribal Youth Resource Center of the Tribal Law and Policy Institute.  Learn more about Stephanie and the Institute at 


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Field Trip to Eastrose Fellowship - It Takes a Community


This summer, Wy'east is sharing resources with other small area congregations. This Sunday, join us as we travel virtually to the Eastrose Congregation in Gresham. Note the special zoom link for this service.

In his talk, It Takes a Community, Gresham City Council President Eddy Morales will speak about the issues impacting Gresham communities and how individual citizens and groups can get involved to bring about needed improvements.

Eddy Morales is a community and elected leader whose lived experience gives him great empathy for the struggles of underrepresented people. That’s not enough to make a great elected official, though. It’s his track record as an effective business owner, community organizer, and elected official that proves his ability to make change. Eddy’s inclusive approach brings diverse voices to the table and achieves the results people truly want. Learn more about him at

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Islam: A Liberative Theology For These Times


After what feels like a time in exile, the country is beginning to open up.  However, we find we are still dealing with the same struggles for justice as before.  What can we learn from Islamic spirituality to bring us comfort, and help us continue on the path toward collective liberation?  Please, join us as we welcome the Reverend Summer Albayati, our primary contact for the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Reverend Summer Albayati is a UU Muslim of Iraqi descent, who has been playing the Arabic drum professionally since the age of 12.  In serving congregations, her focus was on transformation by emphasizing that a mission-focused congregation increases vitality, membership, commitment to justice and love.  Rev. Summer hosts a podcast, “The Bayat Beat,” a commentary on society and culture with an emphasis on social justice, which has a global audience. She also has a chapter in the anthology Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity and Power in Ministry, published by Skinner House.  Rev. Summer serves as our primary contact in the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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Annual Interdependence Day Picnic at Creston Park


Our annual event at Creston Park (Area D) will happen on Sunday, July 4th from 10:30 - 1:00. As is our tradition, this will be in lieu of our usual Sunday virtual gathering. Bring your own picnic and supplies such as chairs, blankets, etc. Please bring a mask and be respectful of the needs of others and be ready to put on your mask and social distance as needed.  Please RSVP to membership chair Ron Thurston at

There will be no regular worship this Sunday.

UUA General Assembly Sunday Worship


Join us this Sunday to connect deeply but briefly with one another before we join the Sunday Worship of the annual Unitarian Universalist General Assembly to connect virtually with UU’s from across the country.

The Sunday worship at the annual Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly is the largest annual gathering of UUs joining in worship. This powerful, communal worship experience is open to the public and after

Join our Virtual Service Sunday at 10:30

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Here’s One for the A-Team!


Did you know that the Buddha is said to have been a husband and a father before he was a religious teacher?  This morning I’ll share a story of his that seems perfect for Father’s Day.  I’ll also share his ultimate secret teaching—but only for our A-team players! (Hint: that last bit was a Dad joke.)

By Reverend Moro

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Curiosity, Queerness, and Community


Being queer can mean a lot of things. Of course there’s who you’re attracted to and how, but it can also be a political identity, a culture, a lens for challenging society. This Pride Sunday, I’d like to invite you into that curiosity and the joy we can create there. For me it's building a community without punishment or scarcity, where people can do weird art projects, have big chosen-family brunches, and play with gender if they want to. A community that gardens a lot and doesn't have to worry about food or rent or healthcare.

We all deserve lives like this, lives that will look different for each of us! So come with me, get curious, get angry, get joyful. We need a new world, and it has to come at the expense of the old one.

This service will be led by Jack Kostylo, a queer, trans member of Wy'east.

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“I Am a Lie”: A Sustained Failure in Translation


Our UU Sources statement tells us that "The living tradition we share draws from many sources," then goes on to say that the very first of these Sources is "Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life." That's quite a mouthful! Over a thousand years ago, one poet in India seems to have had his own mouthful of such "direct experience." Let's share its flavor, and address the role of mystical experience in our religious lives.

By Reverend Moro

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