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“Psychology of Guns & Gun Fanaticism and Negative Impact on Policing” - Robin G Henderson MD


Robin Henderson’s presentation on guns, gun fanaticism and the impact on police behavior, when it feels like “guns are everywhere”, focuses on several intersecting factors in our current political culture. He urges genuine, substantive and historically proven gun regulation policies, not the timid marginal steps typically placed on the table from either political party.

Robin’s interest results from a combination of personal life and professional experiences. After becoming deeply disturbed about the tragic Viet Nam conflict, he applied for conscientious objector status, focusing on the topic of “aggression”. He learned more when later examining over fifteen hundred Viet Nam veterans in psychiatric evaluations at a VA facility. Subsequently he had several police officers as patients and saw real parallels to the current situation where police often have to work in a gun infused urban environment. 

Robin Henderson is a member of Wy’east and a retired psychoanalytic psychiatrist. 

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