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Rebecca DesPrez

Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest living religious traditions.  Rebecca DesPrez will join us this morning to introduce Zoroaster (Zarathushtra) and give a brief history of Zoroastrianism. She will also share her thoughts on the relationship between humanism and Zoroaster's thoughts as it is prescribed in the Gathas, Zoroaster's sacred hymns.

Rebecca DesPrez is a Zoroastrian from Iran. She has a degree in Political Science from SJSU in San Jose, CA. She is the founder of Oregon Zoroastrian Organization (OZO) and has served on the Board of Trustees of Persian Zoroastrian Organization in San Jose, CA and she is the owner of Zoroastrian Kids Korner, an educational site for Zoroastrian kids.  Rebecca has published a book entitled "My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers." She currently sits on the board of  Oregon Interfaith Hub based in Eugene, OR. She lives with her husband in the Eugene area.

The Mid-Columbia UU Fellowship (Hood River) will be joining us for this service.

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